The Vocation Report

Solar Writer Vocation provides an in-depth insight into the soul’s expression through career. It provides an astrological consideration of your vocational potentialities and to help you, and anyone who reads this report, to reflect on a fulfilling career path.

This huge report contains:

  1. An Introduction to Vocation.
  2. Vocation and Destiny: The Lunar Nodes.
  3. Vocation and Direction: The Ascendant and Angular Planets.
  4. Vocation and Character: The Sun and Moon.
  5. Interacting with Angels
  6. Income: The 2nd House Cusp and Planets in the 2nd House.
  7. Work: The 6th House Cusp and Planets in the 6th House.
  8. Profession: The Midheaven and Planets in the 10th House, Planets conjunct and opposite the Midheaven.


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